Artist Information

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Owning a gallery has been a long-time dream of mine. It was always a someday, maybe, when the time is right, sort of plan. These sorts of plans often never move past the dream state unless it is realized that the best time to start something is yesterday and the second best is today. With this is mind, the gallery moved from a someday in the perfect scenario to a now with what we have thanks to the commitment and determination of my husband Randy, and I was very happy with the results.


Our small but unique gallery began during the summer of 2017, ending that first season with 4 artists. As the 2018 season came to a close we had grown to 12 artists and quickly realised that we were outgrowing our current incarnation. This lead us to the purchase of a building on main street so that we could not only continue to grow our artist base, but also become a year-round gallery.


I believe art should be enjoyed wherever it is and for what it is. Not everything displayed in the gallery will appeal to each person that walks through the door but that is part of the allure and excitement of art. Art should invoke a feeling, even if it’s not a pleasant one. I hope that each guest sees something that speaks to them in a pleasant way but in the end it is solely the perception and attitude of the guest that will dictate their experience.


My goal is to showcase and sell Saskatchewan creations that may otherwise remain unseen. I want to give a venue for up and coming artists and those just starting out as well as another audience outside of the art shows and online forums for those who are better established.


Robin Renneberg

Current Contracts

We currently offer 3 contract variations and encourage you to review each before choosing which is the best fit for you.


Online membership overview:

     - $5.25/month

     - Submit your artwork through the Members           Section and include a link to your contact           information, website, Facebook page,                 Instagram, Etc.


Physical gallery overview:

     - Between $15.75/month & 47.25/month

     - Commission between 5% and 15%

     - Online membership included


Display Only overview:

     - Between $52.50/month & $57.75/month

     - Online membership included