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You will be contacted once your information has been reviewed and approved and an invoice for fees will be sent to you at that time.

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Artist Details
Space Rental

The following rates apply to 1 – 4 ft wide by 7 ft high space:

            - Paintings must fit within this space, no overhang is permitted.

            - Jewellery will be pinned into place on the vertical space.

            - Limited shelving space is available for objects such as sculptures & woodcraft.

            - Items may be removed or switched out on the 25th of each month during your contract term. However, new items may be added at any time as space permits.


- $55.00 / month

- $150.00 / 3 months

            * The above rates include a $5.00/ month membership fee. *


The following rate is limited to suitable (as determined by The Garage Gallery) art sculpture:


- $1.50 / month: per sq ft of floor space

            * $5.00 / month membership fee to be added based on term length. *

Terms and Information

Please check each point to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and information provided.

All fees are due by the 25th of the month prior to the start of your display contract.

Fees are not refundable after the start of the contract.

The Garage Gallery should be considered an open-air environment and is not climate controlled. Any piece requiring specific atmosphere should not be left with The Garage Gallery and will be done at the Artist’s own risk.

The Garage Gallery will do what is reasonable (as determined by The Garage Gallery) to ensure that no art pieces are damaged or stolen but it is understood by the Artist that The Garage Gallery is not responsible for unavoidable circumstances. The Artist remains responsible for insuring any work they leave with the gallery.

The Artist is responsible for collecting their pieces at the end of the contract term. The Garage Gallery will not store art pieces after the contract ends and anything remaining for more than 5 days will be charged a storage fee. Art pieces will only be released to the Artist or to an authorized representative.

The Garage Gallery will only accept handmade and original creations. Any misrepresentation on the part of the artist will result in the immediate removal of all items. No refunds are issued for removal by us on these grounds.

Membership to The Garage Gallery includes a page on our website showcasing your work. This page may include work that is not physically displayed at the gallery.

Click here if you authorize The Garage Gallery to photograph and include your work online.

Our intention is to develop a YouTube channel to periodically show the work on display and to share information about individual artists.

Click here if you authorize The Garage Gallery to film your work to be used as stated above.

Your content has been submitted

I have read and agree to the terms listed in this agreement. I acknowledge that I am the creator of the art pieces being left with The Garage Gallery and am authorizing them to sell them on my behalf.

Contract Term

$57.75 for 1 month                                    ($2.75 GST included, term membership included)         

$157.50 for 3 months                                 ($7.50 GST included, term membership included)

Art sculpture rate to be determined after measurement

Please include a few photo's of the work you would like us to display.

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