Gail Rueve


I had no intention to paint. Really.

But Spirit got a paintbrush in my hand...twice in fact.

The first time, a friend dragged me to an acrylic painting class in November 2015 and I only went along as a favour to him so he didn’t have to attend by himself. I seemed to catch on quickly to what was being taught and at the end of the class, the instructor gave me his box of oil paint tubes that he couldn’t use anymore thinking I might be able to make use of it someday.

After a full year of looking at this box of oil paint (because I didn’t know what to do with it and was even quite apprehensive to try it), a 96 yr old resident moved into the senior’s home where I cut hair and I found out that she was a local artist who used to paint with oil. So I mustered up the courage to bring the oil paint supplies to the Villa so we could Paint together. It was the second time Spirit got a brush into my hand, this time to try oil painting! Since then I’ve found that I really enjoy how the oil paint can be moved around on the canvas as it doesn’t dry as quickly as acrylic.

I have no formal training other than watching u-tube videos of other artists, which brushes they use for different effects, how they load their brushes with paint, and how much they use. There is also a lot of trial and error. And maybe a little bit of cussing once in a while. Haha I get most of my inspiration from landscapes photos and watching videos.

Places lived :
Englefeld, Muenster and currently Humboldt.

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