A long overdue update

Those who were following along know that we ran into one extra hiccup with our reno right at the end when the clear coat on our floor did not set. We chose to shut down for a couple days to attempt to fix this issue but were unsuccessful. Our theory for the failure is our attempt to clear coat a cement floor during a Saskatchewan winter - live and learn. The tacky floor certainly makes for a unique experience within our gallery that you won’t find elsewhere and once the warmer weather returns we are confident that we will be able to correct our mistake. The floor certainly has not deterred our visitors from exploring our new space and the artists that we are representing and picking up a few Valentines Day gifts in the process.

The cold snap seems to finally be lifting, at least for our area, and we are looking forward to some “warmer” winter weather. During this bitter cold, we have continued on with the cosmetic touches which include adding inspiring artistic quotes above each panel. We would like to thank artist Bronwyn Warkentin of Brush Strokes & Stitches for all the work she has put in with this part of the project. It’s coming along great and with the speed and dedication with which she works, it could very well be completed by the end of this week.

We would also like to thank artist Kari Fleck of Creations by Kari Fleck for hosting one of her sign making parties within the gallery on Feb 2nd. We’d also like to note that Kari is hosting a sign-making workshop at the Bruno Wheatland Regional Library on March 21st. Be sure to check out her Facebook page for more information on this and other events she hosts.

More information will be available next week for others who are interested in renting our space to host their creative events.

We have plenty of space left within our gallery and look forward to more talented Saskatchewan work gracing our walls in the near future. Click here for more information.

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