A series of life events

I almost feel as though I am repeating myself with this post - likely because I am but here it is; life happens.

We are a small, family-run gallery. Naturally, this sometimes means that when life events strike we are left with little choice but to briefly step back from the gallery and deal with those events as a family. 2019 has certainly thrown some extra challenges our way. We took on the task of expanding our gallery; moving into a larger and year-round space in hopes of working with and representing many more of the talented Saskatchewan artists and artisans whose paths we have crossed since we started this journey in 2017.

As I have previously mentioned, shortly after making this decision we were presented with a complication regarding our unborn child that required me to at first slow down with what I was able to do at the gallery and finally caused me to need to stop and rest. This pause was not ideal in regards to our gallery, but it did ensure that I carried our daughter through to 37 weeks. She was born on April 1st, completely healthy, and is now thriving.

Just as we returned to work at the gallery, news reached us that a loved one was ill. With our family spread mainly throughout western Canada, family emergencies can sometimes require us to pause at the gallery and focus on the here and now.

We have returned to work again and while I am behind with many things I am determined to catch up just in case 2019 has more to toss my way.

We’re not giving up, simply doing our best to work with each obstacle as it presents itself.


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