Feature Artist - Kari Fleck

Kari is a trained sign maker and artist who demonstrates a keen understand of the proper layout and spacing of letters as well as pleasing mixes of color. 

A note from Kari

I was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

​All of my family was either artistic in some way or musical. I did not get the musical genes!

I began drawing at a young age by reproducing the characters off of Disney movies.

I taught myself water colour and acrylic painting.

I recieved my graphics sign arts diploma at N.A.I.T. My inspiration for that course was that my father is a Neon Artist ( glass bender of neon signs).

I then took my 1st year of fine arts at Grant McEwan College. I then met my husband of 16 years and we are raising 3 crazy kids all with their own talents.

Some of my other influences were my grandfather who was an absolutely amazing woodworker. In his early 80’s he began German wood chip carving after he couldn’t stand for long periods of time.

My mother was also an inspiration for me as well. A single mom raising two girls and she always had some kind of craft that she liked to do, needlepoint, folk art painting and also decided to take my grandfathers advice and learn the scroll saw.

After the death of both my mother and grandfather almost two years ago, I wasn’t so afraid to take chances. So with help of my husband I started a craft business selling polymer clay creations, wooden signs and pretty much if someone wants something made they ask me and I make it.

I love taking someone’s ideas and making them a concrete item, whether in polymer clay, signs, paintings, or 3D cakes.

I still love to paint in water colour but I have never sold an art piece of that kind. The watercolours tend to be special gifts to family and friends.

My family and I reside in Bruno Sk.

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