Feature Artist - Lani Gellner

We are thrilled to have the privileged of displaying and selling some of Lani's work and encourage you to check out more of her paintings on her website: Abstractions.

Lani and her husband Terry also run an arts and craft fair in Moose Jaw in the spring and fall. You can find more information about this on their website: TLC Art & Craft Fair.

A note from Lani

I was born, raised and have lived my entire life in Canada, more specifically, I spent my childhood between Saskatchewan and British Columbia.  

I have always marveled at the beauty of nature around me, whether that be the beautiful prairie sunsets or the majestic mountain ranges of British Columbia. I found that I really enjoyed the vivid colors of the Saskatchewan sunsets or the stark beauty of a snow covered mountain of British Columbia and began oil painting landscapes nearly 30 years ago after taking a few painting lessons when my children were small.

With my love of creating art I started dabbling in abstracts in an acrylic medium versus an oil medium. I found this very fulfilling.  I particularly enjoy the use of the bright, vibrant colors that are not found in nature.  I am continuing to develop my own style with each piece.

Painting is my passion, and a way that allows me to express myself in a very personal way.

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