Feature Artist - Naomi Ness Creek

Naomi's work is art you can wear! It is unique and hand crafted and we are thrilled to have a small fraction of it within the gallery.

A note from Naomi

Naomi, who promotes her work through the name Festival Gallery, grew up in beautiful northern Saskatchewan. This early experience of the northern woods and lakes continues to shape her artwork and creative process. She is a lapidarist, which means she cuts and polishes crystals and stones. Her favourite leisure activity is hiking (and coming back with a backpack of fossils and rocks to cut up). She sets her stones in Sterling Silver, copper and bronze. All settings are also created by hand. Naomi has been creating and selling her one of a kind pieces since 1991. Her love and passion for gemstones and metal can be felt through her several decades of creating wearable artwork.

Naomi has travelled extensively, and at one point in time was selling her work through galleries and stores in over 79 locations across western Canada. She currently limits her work more exclusively to a few select galleries.  "I've realized that vending my own work is one of my primary joys in life!  I love meeting and sharing my creative process and love of this work with those who acquire my pieces.", says Naomi. She creates a wide range of items and says that she often wakes up in the middle of the night with an idea and sits down to create at 2am. Former customers comment on the love they can feel coming from the pieces. Her work has been bought by collectors from England, Ukraine, Japan, Germany, USA, the Philippines, and of course... Canada!

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