If we could hover we'd be fine... Gallery Closed Until Saturday January 26, 2019

The Good: We opened the doors yesterday on schedule and enjoyed chatting with those who stopped by to admire the transformation of our new space and we would like to thank everyone for their kinds words.

The Bad: Those who stopped by yesterday noticed that our floor was still tacky - the clear coat having not quite set up. Due to this, we did not put up any artwork, deciding to instead spend the day greeting visitors and showing the space as it was.

The Ugly: As of this morning the floor has yet to set so we have decided to close the gallery until Saturday while we deal with the issue at hand. A plan is in place, and action is being taken as I type this, to rectify the problem.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are dedicated to keeping our word and opening as scheduled but in this particular instance, the renovation has won.

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