Small Town Art Galleries

“Wow, I didn’t expect to find something like this in a small town.”

Our family has called Bruno home for nearly six years now and there are plenty of things that I am still learning about our town but the idea that something like our gallery could not exist in such a place never crossed my mind.

I reflected a while on this comment. The guest who uttered it certainly seemed pleased to have found us and the idea that we are unique is both an exciting thought and in some ways a sad one.

It’s exciting in that we are always thrilled to see the joy on the faces of ours guests and frankly those that enjoy our space and our concept, not to mention the array of work that we represent, are very likely to encourage others to visit us.

What I find sad about the comment is that there are a lot of people who seem to be under the impression that art can only be displayed and sold in specific places. (I’m not saying this guest was one of them, obviously she saw our sign and come through our door to investigate.) The idea that a gallery like ours should not exist is disheartening. Certainly not everyone can build what we have but there are plenty of places within Saskatchewan that are further along with their dream of a place for artwork than we are. In many ways, we are following the lead of so many others yet there are still those who doubt us - both guests and artists alike.

Changing the long-held opinions of some is not likely to happen nor is it what I am setting out to do. I love to create and I love to represent others who do the same. Art will speak for itself and it will always find its audience so long as those who create it let it out. Galleries like ours exist for this goal - allowing artwork to find its audience and many times, find a home outside of that of its creator.

Do you know of a hidden art gem that you think everyone should know about? Let them know that you appreciate what they do: share the place with your friends and family, “like” their social media accounts, share their posts, and, very importantly, visit as often as you can.

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