The month ahead

Spring is on its way, at least, we're pretty sure it is. As usual, winter needs to have its last hurrah before it makes way for warmer weather and greener days.

This month there are plenty of things to do and enjoy at the gallery.

This Saturday (March 7th), Katie from All the Good Smells will be discussing the Young Living starter kit and how it can be used to enrich your days.

March 14th we will have Lisa from f.i.a.t. naturals with her natural cosmetics, moisturizers and soaps.

Also, on March 14th Kari will be answering all your Tupperware questions and helping you find the storage solutions you need.

March 15th, The Garage Gallery writers group will be meeting. Did you know about our writers group? Everyone is working on something a little different. We have people working on stories, novels, poems, letters, prayers. Care to join us?

March 20th we will continue our adventure with The Perfectly Imperfect Book. This purposeful mishmosh of uneven pages and messy handwriting is a wonderful place to let your mind go and focus on things that bring you joy. Quotes, happy memories, whatever makes you smile - that's what this book is all about. New people are always welcome.

March 27th. Let's Create Together is a night where any creative types can come to the gallery and work on their projects in the company of other creative individuals. There is no judging, no skill level required. Simply come and work surrounded by the artwork of other Saskatchewan artists.

March 28th. Come & Go Creations will officially begin. A once monthly class, the project for this date will be a fluid art piece inspired by decorated Easter eggs.

For more information and pricing, check out the Events section of our Facebook Page.

~ Robin & Randy

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