Under 10 days to go!

With less than 10 days to go before we open our doors at our new location, there is certainly a flurry of activity going on at the gallery. Peg board walls are now up which has drastically changed the look of the space already. The final coats of paint are being applied to the walls and pillars with shelving are being built. There has been a great deal of work put in on this project and we are incredibly grateful to our volunteers. Without them, we would have a tough time hitting our deadline to say the least. Thank you to Leroy and Bev Renneberg and to Lyle and Cheryl Lepsenyi. And as always, a big thank you to Randy Renneberg who has been working daily to bring this vision to life.

There is still plenty of space left to accommodate Saskatchewan talent within our new walls. For those who are waiting to see the project completed, we look forward to seeing you at the end of the month so that we can give you a tour and chat in person.

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