Thursday (May 17th) marked our first day open for the 2018 season and not only have we had guests visit the gallery both Thursday and Friday, we have also sold a couple pieces. Certainly a great way to start.

Last year we were solely open on Sundays. It was a great way to start out and to not only get ourselves comfortable with the concept but to also develop where we wanted this gallery to go. We quickly realised that the only real limit is our ambition and in the end (in our case) that has no limit. We have goals, we have dreams and we will continue to grow. In fact, over the winter we increased our talent base from 4 to 11 and we are not ready to stop any time soon.

Supporting Saskatchewan talent and helping them gain exposure is a passion for us. We have dedicated a great deal of time to getting word out about who we are, developing a web presence and refining how we display each artists work. There is still plenty to learn and we will never be satisfied with mediocrity.

Be sure to come and see us in our current incarnation - our "small" single car garage. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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