What does our new space have to offer?

Our choice to move into this building required a lot of thought. Any expansion or business change is a risk and we were careful in our consideration. Our main question was, could we continue to operate as we always had - helping artists gain exposure and sell their work with them profiting the most. Moving forward, we are striving to maintain that goal.

Obviously the move required a change in our contract structure but it also meant that we had a lot more to offer. Space is now rented per month with a discount given to longer contracts. We are currently open 5 days a week (Tuesday to Saturday) but closed every second Wednesday. December and January are considered one month as we close just before Christmas and do not open again until the end of January.

In our original incarnation, we had 11 panels and a couple tables to display the creations of those who we represent. We were open only during the summer and any foul weather often forced us to close, though we always did our best to accommodate any guest arriving during such weather.

In this new space, not only are we now open year-round and not affected by the weather but we also have 34 panels to offer to our artists, 6 of which are divided in two, as well as 12 shelves. We are also now able to offer rental space for small art classes, paint nights, art groups, demonstrations, and many other functions.

One thing that has not changed is that we are still representing original Saskatchewan work and proud of that fact.

For more information on how you can join our gallery, check out the Join our Gallery section under the Information tab.

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