Rental Space

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Space Rental
Per Hour
Rental Space
(During Business Hours)
(3 hrs)
Rental Space
(Outside Business Hours)
(3 hrs)
Per Piece
Table Rentals
4 Foot (with 2 chairs)
(2 available)
6 Foot (with 4 chairs)
(2 available)
Chairs Only
(16 available)
- Rental space is approximately 28 ft by 8 ft.
- Rates include 30 min to set up and 30 min to clean up.
- All rates include GST.
- Full payment is required to secure your requested date and time.
- Cancellation is required 7 days prior to event date to qualify for a refund.
- All rentals are subject to approval.
- If you provide us with a poster for your event it will be placed in your events board.
- Providing an online link to your event will allow us to link to the event both on our Facebook page and our website.

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