Garage Gallery Bruno

Started as a discussion about a long-term dream, the gallery was quickly turned into a reality after only a week of hard work and determination. Our opening weekend saw a small amount of foot traffic who happened upon us as they passed by and were curious to see what we had created out of our single car garage.

We showed the work of three artists that first weekend and within a couple of weeks had added a fourth. With a bit of advertising on Facebook and local radio our grand opening saw a good turnout and we ended the season with each artist selling a minimum of two pieces.

We knew that in our current location our gallery could only run as a seasonal shop - the garage itself is unheated and we open the overhead door to allow our guests to view the work being displayed within. After shutting down, discussion turned to taking the gallery on the road for the winter and we set up shop in Humboldt for a trade show at the beginning of November. 

Reception to our concept has been positive and we are excited about the future of this project.

Robin & Randy Renneberg